List of abstracts

Plenary talks

Hans De Sterck
Adaptive Algebraic Multigrid for Singular Value and Tensor Decompositions

Wolfgang Hackbusch
Solution of linear systems for boundary value problems in high spatial dimensions

Arne Nägel
Efficient solvers for coupled problems in geophysics

Luke Olson
Improving Convergence and Reducing Complexity in Algebraic Multigrid through a Root-node Method

Dorit Ron
Three decades of multilevel optimization strategies

Giovanni Samaey
A micro-macro parareal algorithm for slow-fast systems with applications to molecular dynamics

Robert Scheichl
Multilevel Uncertainty Quantification Methods

Klaus Stüben
A Review on AMG: From Academia to Industry

Philippe Toint
Ideas in multilevel optimization

Wim Vanroose
Multigrid for far and near field maps of the Helmholtz equation

Jinchao Xu
A unified study of geometric and algebraic multigrid methods

Contributed talks

(so far accepted abstracts; in alphabetical order of authors)

Dirk Abbeloos
Multigrid methods for boundary control problems

Davide Baroli
Three-stage multiscale algebraic preconditioner for highly heterogeneous diffusion subsurface problem on unstructured mesh

Keeran Brabazon
Newton-Multigrid or Nonlinear Multigrid?

Markus Breit
Simulating ion dynamics in neurons

Steffen Börm
H2-matrix preconditioners

Siegfried Cools
A new level-dependent coarse grid correction scheme for indefinite Helmholtz problems

Pasqua D'Ambra
BootCMatch: an alpha-AMG solver based on Compatible Weighted Matching

Steven Dargaville
Challenges in multigrid for mixed elliptic/hyperbolic problems in radiation transport

Craig Douglas
A Fast Method for Modeling Water Infiltration in Porous Media

Andrei Draganescu
Optimal-order multigrid preconditioners for linear systems arising in the semi-smooth Newton solution of certain PDE-constrained optimization problems

Sarah Engleder
Algebraic Multigrid Methods for Velocity Pressure Coupling in CFD

Stephanie Friedhoff
Parallel time integration with multigrid for parabolic problems

Krishan Gahalaut
Condition number estimates for higher order NURBS discretizations

Sergio González-Andrade
MGOPT Methods for Optimization Problems Arising in Non-Newtonian Fluids Simulation

Carsten Gräser
Truncated Nonsmooth Newton multigrid methods for vector valued minimization problems

Frank Hülsemann
Comparison of different AMG implementations for non-symmetric problems in CFD

Markus Huber
Parallel Hierarchical Hybrid Multigrid Solver for Variable Viscosity

James Hungerford
A Multilevel Bilinear Programming Algorithm for the Vertex Separator Problem

Hans Johansen
A Hybrid Multigrid Algorithm for Elliptic Problems using Adaptive Higher-Order Cut Cells

Karsten Kahl
Structure Preserving Algebraic Multigrid

Kab Seok Kang
Multigrid method on Intel Xeon Phi (MIC)

Vladimir Klement
GPU Multigrid Solver for the Navier-Stokes Equations

Markus M. Knodel
Mechanistic dynamics of Hepatitis C virus replication in single liver cells

Sabine Le Borne
Block H-LU preconditioners for higher-order FEM

Dmitry Logashenko
A simulation technique for density-driven flow in porous media with complicated fracture networks

Peiyao Luo
Multigrid Method for Systems of Nonlinear Equations arising from Poroelasticity Problem

Artem Napov
A robust structured incomplete Cholesky preconditioner

Martin Neumüller
A parallel space-time multigrid solver for the Navier-Stokes equations

Magne Nordaas
Robust preconditioners for PDE-constrained optimization with limited observations

Yvan Notay
A new multigrid strategy for Stokes problems

Panos Parpas
A Multilevel Proximal Algorithm for Large Scale Composite Convex Optimization

Marcio Augusto Villela Pinto
Local Fourier analysis for ILU smoothers on triangular grids

Gillian Queisser
A Multiscale Model of Synaptic Contacts between Brain Cells

Mohammad Tanvir Rahman
A FE based Multigrid scheme for elliptic Nash-equilibrium optimal control problems

Sebastian Reiter
On a highly scalable infrastructure for massively parallel multigrid solvers

Bram Reps
A high arithmetic intensity multigrid preconditioner based on matrix polynomials

H. Rittich
Local Fourier Analysis of Pattern Structured Operators

Gabrio Rizzuti
A multigrid based iterative solver for the frequency domain elastic wave equation

Carmen Rodrigo
Finite element multigrid framework for mimetic finite difference discretizations

Martin Rupp
Parallel Filtering Algebraic Multigrid for Linear Elasticity Problems

Marco Sarti
Multigrid algorithms for high-order Discontinuous Galerkin discretizations

Stephan Schmidt
A Non-Linear OC Multigrid Topology Optimization Scheme

A. H. Sheikh
Coarse-grid-correction preconditioner for the Helmholtz Equation

Robert Speck
Time-parallelism using inexact PFASST

Hendrik Speleers
Symbol-based multigrid methods for isogeometric analysis

Martin Stepniewski
Subdivision surfaces refinement for generating multigrid hierarchies with application in neuroscientific numerical simulations

Sabine Stichel
Adaptive fracture approximation

Chris Stolk
A hybrid multigrid-domain decomposition method for the Helmholtz equation

Eran Treister
Theoretical Advances in non-Galerkin Algebraic Multigrid

Stefan Vandewalle
Multigrid for parametric PDEs with application to fuzzy partial differential equations

Andreas Vogel
A Parallel Geometric Multigrid Solver for Density Driven Flow

Justin Wan
Multigrid Method for Solving Elliptic Monge-Ampere Equation Arising from Image Registration

Fred Wubs
HYMLS: A Multilevel ILU approach for coupled fluid and transport equations

Irad Yavneh
A Multilevel Approach for l-1 Regularized Convex Optimization with Application to Covariance Selection

Walter Zulehner
A multigrid preconditioner for the Hellan-Herrmann-Johnson mixed method for biharmonic problems

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